Boil Water Advisory No Longer in Effect

August 24, 2017

The Corporation of the Village of Alert Bay (the Village) operates the water supply system that provides drinking water to Village residents, businesses, and visitors. Water quality in the system is monitored for bacteriological quality on a monthly basis by way of water samples obtained throughout the community, and results are reviewed by the Village and Island Health.

On August 10 the Village was notified by Island Health that E.coli bacteria were detected in the drinking water distribution system. In response, Island Health directed the Village to:

1. issue a public advisory to boil tap water for at least 1 minute prior to consumption, and

2. perform a disinfection of the Village’s water supply with chlorine, ensuring that chlorine levels remain below the maximum threshold allowable for human consumption

Water quality tests were performed on August 11, August 14, August 15, and August 22. On August 24, Island Health rescinded the Boil Water Advisory.

Regular water quality testing/monitoring will continue under the direction of Island Health.

Thank you,
The Corporation of the Village of Alert Bay 

24-AUG-2017 Drinking Water System Maintenance Advisory

The Village’s water sample history is available here: