August 17, 2017

The Corporation of the Village of Alert Bay (the Village) operates the water supply system that provides drinking water to Village residents, businesses, and visitors. Water quality in the system is monitored for bacteriological quality on a monthly basis by way of water samples obtained throughout the community, and results are reviewed by the Village and Island Health.

On August 10 the Village was notified by Island Health that E.coli bacteria were detected in the drinking water distribution system. In response, Island Health has directed the Village to:

1. issue a public advisory to boil tap water for at least 1 minute prior to consumption, and

2. perform a disinfection of the Village’s water supply with chlorine, ensuring that chlorine levels remain below the maximum threshold allowable for human consumption

The Village chlorinated the water supply on Friday August 11th, 2017. Water system users may notice the smell or taste of chlorine. To assist in this process, the Village asks that residents draw water through their households during this time to help the chlorine come into contact with all parts of the distribution system. Turbidity (hazy water) may occur and is normal during this process.

We provide the following cautions:

• Chlorine kills fish. Residents with aquariums and fish ponds should not use chlorinated water to replenish tanks or ponds.
• Chlorine destroys reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. Users of RO membranes should not introduce chlorinated water to RO systems.
• Chlorine renders hemodialysis ineffective. Kidney dialysis patients should not use chlorinated water in dialysis machines.
• Tap water must be boiled for one minute before consumption.

Thank you,

The Corporation of the Village of Alert Bay

For further information, contact the local VIHA Health Protection Office: 250-902-6071

Boil Water Notice