2015 Council Photo Provided by Robin Quirk

2015 Council Photo Provided by Robin Quirk

2018 Regular Council Meeting Dates: Jan 8, Jan 22, Feb 13, Feb 26, Mar 12, Mar 26, Apr 9, Apr 23, May 14, May 28, Jun 11, Jun 25, Jul 9, Aug 13, Sept 10, Sept 24, Oct 9, Oct 22, Nov 13, Nov 26, Dec 10

Meetings are held in Council Chambers located at: 15 Maple Road, Alert Bay BC, at 5:00pm

Submissions of correspondence and/or requests to appear as a delegation in front of Council must be made in writing to the Village Office by 5:00pm on the Monday prior to the meeting.  The agenda will be posted on the Friday prior to the meeting in the Documents section of this website and in the display case outside the Village Office.  Find the delegation request form here.

Council Portfolios

Mayor Michael Berry: RCMP, Intergovernmental Affairs, Regional District of Mount Waddington Director, VIHA director

Councillor Dennis Buchanan: Solid Waste, Recreation and Parks, Village Beautification, Trails and Volunteers
Deputy Mayor January 2015- November 2015

Councillor Kane Gordon: Harbour, Transportation
Deputy Mayor December 2015- October 2016

Councillor Lisanne Granger: Fire Department Liaison, Emergency Services, Seniors
Deputy Mayor October 2017- September 2018

Councillor Wendy White: Community and Health, Youth and Family Services, Tourism, Arts and Culture.
Deputy Mayor November 2016- September 2017

Council Roles and Responsibilities

The Village of Alert Bay Council's Mayor and four Councillors took office in December 2014 and will serve until 2018.

Mayor and Council's responsibilities are set out in the Community Charter, which is provincial legislation. Generally, Council's role is to consider the best interests of the Village, represent the will of the public, determine services and establish levels of service delivery, and provide leadership and governance by focusing on key issues, strategic planning, and setting policy.

Individually, Councillors’ have few statutory powers or responsibilities. Council exercises authority collectively by resolution or bylaw at a Council meeting. Each member of Council, including the Mayor, has one vote on any question. Each member of Council present must vote on the question, and if a member of Council does not indicate how he or she votes, that member is deemed to have voted in the affirmative.


The Mayor is the head and Chief Executive Officer of the Village. In addition to Council responsibilities, the Mayor:

  • Presides at Council meetings and provides leadership to Council
  • Communicates information to Council
  • Provides, on behalf of Council, general direction to Village officers on implementation of Council directives.
  • Reflects the will of Council and carries out other duties on behalf of Council

Council and Staff

Council's direct contact with Village staff is through the Chief Administrative Officer . The CAO directs staff to carry out Council's decisions.