First Emergency Siren has been installed YAHOO!!!!

Shannon Alfred

21 hrs ·

Hello Alert Bay peeps😎

Super excited to have Addy Powers in the community installing our 2 tsunami sirens. One will be place by the council hall and the other on the municipal end on fir street.

Acoustic Tech. Inc. will be sending a representative soon to provide a 1 day training session and testing of the sirens.

The Emergency Management team will be sure to send out a notice of the sirens testing date.

Thank you Shannon Alfred our Emergency Coordinator for the Images.

Click link below to view images on facebook:[0]=68.ARA3He1W5FqK2mYEKA2RSmTk0u3ltdCNQ0oJ6ao8TIHrDiWDPL5jRYat2KdhTZscTvJ0I-sbfWhhvjGaZrqtWvEo8UabfHOkDQ-vPXtytajjns-sQW0QbDpTDhXdmGYljzP0X9ISEsowYVobScxH9ufoI2cfX03xtRdigG-BzKCKKi2Dpk3v-yayxluuBkpj2GmP8ODTaDWAL4G9LiL-PFagppGuib5Zi8x4lq3YLDGwY8qNbKBaFqtXuwcvJrJJCJUCwlDgSqyVwuVkfXH4CpeYutcuCFYlIU7o2DJCteHDjC4BLfwbmZrIM2yQInN4ETYkcZlz9O_Qe1k6RzpzfpPkcSZz&__tn__=C-R