BC Ferries Training Opportunity

This was forwarded from BC Ferries --


I want to share the attached doc with you, with a request that you and FAC members may wish to spread this in the communities (particularly Route 17 and 25 with the arrival of new vessels in the upcoming year) for general awareness.


The gist of this notice is that there is new funding providing to help provide career training for under-represented groups in the marine industry; women and indigenous people. There are courses that will provide interested people with Bridge Watch Rating (work on navigating ships) certification, including related courses around safety and health.


These courses are not new, but the game-changer initiative is that Transport Canada supports almost all costs (travel to/from the course, meals, course costs, lodging, tuition, etc). This level of recruiting/training opportunity has never been done. In the past, people interested in exploring these careers had to pay for much of these costs on their own. Not only that, but at this time there are even spots open on courses as early as October, which means directly into a career shortly after completion.


So, I am hoping that FAC members know of the most valuable ways to spread this info (feel free to share the document widely) with relevant community organizations (employment offices, First Nations, organizations that help women find new employment, etc). Of course, we have an interest in helping women and indigenous people explore new opportunities that they may not have previously considered, as we are heavily involved in the training in cooperation with BCIT and Camosun. We have Cadet programs associated with this training, so people can set themselves up with a BCF career while gaining this valuable training.


We need good people to work on these new and exciting ships, and the jobs we offer in the communities are some of the highest value careers available.


I know from experience that FACs know the most effective communications forums in the communities, so this is why I’m sending this your way. Some communities use e-bulleltin boards, some Facebook, some have physical areas they post this sort of info, some use small newspapers/social newsletters…etc. I hope this makes sense, and would appreciate hearing back if any FAC members do share/post this…and where.  



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