Traffic Safety News Release from Alert Bay RCMP

Media Release:

Traffic Safety

Alert Bay residents may have noticed that a Speed Reader Board has appeared in our community. The speed board was purchased by the Village of Alert Bay in a cost sharing arrangement with ICBC.    

In support of our shared priority of Road Safety, the Village of Alert Bay and the Alert Bay RCMP has launched an educational campaign to remind motorists to practice safe driving. 

This educational program is designed to raise public awareness in relation to the actual speed drivers are traveling. The maximum speed limit for Cormorant Island is 30 km/hr with the exception of the school zone at the T’lisagi’lakw School which is posted at 20 km / hr. 

The ultimate goal of both the Village of Alert Bay and the Alert Bay RCMP is that drivers become more aware of their speed when travelling and adjust accordingly. Adopting this behavior will not only improve the safety of our community but will assist in avoiding fines with the targeted radar enforcement that will occur in the coming weeks.

Over a 3-day period the Speed Reader Board was placed on Larch Street near the Alert Bay Elementary School. During that time, it recorded close to 300 vehicles movements which documented that 85% of vehicles were traveling 9km/h over the posted speed limit. 

The fastest recorded vehicle potentially could have received a $253 dollar fine.

Prepared by,

Tim KENNING, Constable
Alert Bay RCMP