Change in the Method of Drywall Disposal in Alert Bay

The Corporation of the Village of Alert Bay (the Village) disposes solid waste at the Regional District of Mount Waddington’s Seven Mile facility. The Village must adhere to the disposal requirements set out by the Regional District.

Seven Mile is an approved asbestos disposal facility. The Village is not. Therefore, the Village will only accept asbestos-free drywall from now own. Individuals must dispose of drywall that contains asbestos at the Seven Mile facility.

The Regional District recognizes three methods by which property owners can validate that drywall waste is asbestos-free:

1. Document proof that the building under consideration was constructed after 1990. This might be confirmed by the Village Office’s property records.

2. The date written on the drywall indicating when it was made. Usually the date of manufacture is printed on the back of the drywall. If doing new construction, retain a piece of date-stamped drywall as evidence that the material is newer than 1990.

3. Letter or report from a Qualified Person vouching that a hazardous material inventory has been conducted and follow-up actions completed to secure any risks.

Should a property owner be unable pass one of these tests, it is assumed that the drywall has asbestos adhered to it. In this case, the Village will not accept the drywall.

The Regional District of Mount Waddington has issued an information sheet here.

The North Island Gazette published this article on the matter.

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