Request for Proposals - Solar PV Installation

Alert Bay is a small community located on Cormorant Island, just off the northern coast of Vancouver Island. The community has taken the initiative to build multiple solar installations across the island. Five sites totaling 71 kW of solar are being proposed.

The Village of Alert Bay(the "Village") is accepting quotes for five turnkey installations including photovoltaic (PV) equipment supply for these five sites. Three 44 module PV systems are to be supplied for sites A, B and C; an 88 module system is to be supplied for site D; and a 54 module system is to be supplied for site E.

HESPV Ltd has been retained as the Village's design and review authority to be responsible for clarifying the intent and scope of this project as well as confirming that the proponent's final equipment supply will conform to the outlined specifications.

Click here to obtain the RFP document package from BC Bid.

The completed quotes to supply the items, as detailed in this document, shall be submitted by fax or mail/courier before 2:00pm Pacific Time on September 13, 2016. All quotes should be referred to:

Justin Beadle
Chief Administrative Officer
Village of Alert Bay
Alert Bay, BC
V0N 1A0