Alert Bay RCMP be on alert for another FRAUD

The Alert Bay RCMP would like to advise of recent and continued attempts to defraud residents of Cormorant Island.  The Alert Bay RCMP have received reports of individuals, usually located in other countries, contacting residents of Cormorant Island via letter and telephone in attempts to coerce them into sending money.  These scams will often promise large sums of money or expensive items in return for a comparatively small amount of upfront money.  This request for money upfront is usually characterized as "processing fees" or "taxes on winnings".  The complexities of international policing combined with the high frequency of these events make it near impossible for police to achieve a resolution in the form of a criminal charge or retrieval of funds lost.  As such, the Alert Bay RCMP are asking that residents be vigilant and cautious before giving out personal information or sending money to anyone.


Members of the public are encouraged to verify the identity of anyone that contacts them for a monetary purpose prior to sending money.  Additionally, if there is concern or suspicion the public can contact the Alert Bay RCMP.

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