Community Dinner

The Community Justice Committee welcomes all residents of Cormorant Island to a community dinner tonight, Monday November 21 at 5PM in the Council Hall on Front Street.

Topics of interest include: fentanyl dangers, policing priorities, and working together to support our community.

Please join us at the Council Hall for a delicious meal and presentations.

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BC Ferry Temporary Replacement

 Temporary Vessel Replacement
Port McNeill (Vancouver Island)- Alert Bay (Cormorant Island)
 – Sointula (Malcolm Island)
November 20, 2016 to December 6, 2016

The Quadra Queen II will be removed on the Port McNeill - Alert Bay - Sointula route on Sunday November 20, 2016.  The vessel will be replacing the MV Tachek on the Cortes Island to Quadra Island route. During this time, the MV Bowen Queen will be the temporary replacement vessel for the scheduled sailings between Port McNeill, Alert Bay, and Sointula.

The MV Bowen Queen has a larger vehicle carrying capacity providing deck space for up to 55 standard car lengths.

Commercial customers are advised that the MV Bowen Queen is configured differently for commercial vehicle loading, and to expect changes in the loading procedure. Please follow the instructions from the crew when loading.

Passengers are advised that the MV Bowen Queen is not equipped with an elevator. Washroom facilities will be available for customers who remain on the car deck during the voyage.

BC Ferries looks forward to the return of the Quadra Queen II to the Port McNeill - Alert Bay - Sointula route on December 7, 2016.

For schedule information, please call us toll free at 1-888-BCFERRY (223-3779), check our website at or go to on your mobile device.

Copyright ©2016, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

Request for Members - Board of Variance

The Corporation of the Village of Alert Bay invites Village residents to apply for a seat on the Alert Bay Board of Variance

(BOV). Each of the three BOV members is appointed by Council for a three-year term. There are currently three Board vacancies.

The BOV is a committee governed by the Community Charter which makes decisions regarding zoning regulations affecting real property within the Village of Alert Bay.

Expressions of Interest, in the form of a letter to Council, stating why the applicant is interested in appointment to the BOV, will be accepted until 5:00 PM November 10, 2016.

Thank you,

The Corporation of the Village of Alert Bay

Phone: 250-974-5213

15 Maple Road
Alert Bay, BC
V0N 1A0

Ground Meat RECALL IGA in Port McNeill, BC

Subject: Ground meats and meat products sold at IGA in Port McNeill, British Columbia may be unsafe due to metal shavings - About the Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Good Afternoon,

In this link is important information about ground meat products that were sold at the Port McNiell IGA and are being recalled. Please be advised that if you purchased any of these products, you should contact the store directly for a refund.

There have been no reported illness from the listed products at this point.


Nicole James

Special Weather Statement in Effect

From Weather Canada:

Special weather statement in effect for:

•North Vancouver Island

The first in a series of powerful October storms will approach the BC coast late tonight bringing heavy rains and strong winds. A second storm is expected early Friday while a third will make landfall later on Saturday.

Rainfall will be heavy at times. Total rainfall accumulations from these storms may exceed 200 mm for West and Inland areas of Vancouver Island. Inner coastal regions may exceed 100 mm with even higher amounts near the mountains.

Strong winds will also accompany these storms and at times may exceed 80 km/h over exposed coastal areas.

At this time it looks like each storm will become more intense. Details concerning the precise storm track is expected to become clearer as time progresses and warnings are likely to be issued for multiple regions throughout the next several days.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports to #BCStorm.…

Open Fire Prohibitions Lifted

From the Coastal Fire Centre:

PARKSVILLE – Effective at noon on Sept. 26, all open fires will once again be permitted throughout the Coastal Fire Centre’s jurisdiction.  Tiki torches, burn barrels, fireworks, sky lanterns and binary exploding targets are also permitted. Accumulated rain and cooler temperatures has reduced the wildfire risk in the region.

Local governments may still have their own burning restrictions in place, always check with local authorities before lighting any fire of any size.

Anyone lighting a Category 3 fire must first obtain a burn registration number by calling 1 888 797-1717. A Category 3 fire is a fire that burns: material more than two metres high or three metres wide; stubble or grass over more than 2,000 square metres; or more than two piles of any size.

A poster explaining the different categories of open fires is available online at 

Anyone who lights a fire must comply with air quality control legislation and must have sufficient personnel, water and tools on hand to stop the fire from escaping.

The BC Wildfire service is asking people to take the following precautions with any permitted outdoor burning:

  • Ensure that enough people, water and tools are on hand to control the fire and to prevent it from escaping

  • Do not burn in windy conditions. The weather can change quickly and the wind may carry embers to other combustible material and start new fires

  • Create a fireguard around the planned fire site by clearing away twigs, grass, leaves and other combustible material

  • Never leave a fire unattended

  • Make sure that your fire is fully extinguished and the ashes are cold to the touch before you leave the area for any length of time

The Coastal Fire Centre covers all of the area west of the height of land on the Coast Mountain Range from the U.S.-Canada border at Manning Park, including Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park in the north, the Sunshine Coast, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and Haida Gwaii.

For the latest information on current wildfire activity, burning restrictions, road closures and air quality advisories, go to

grizzly bear advisory

Are there grizzly bears on Cormorant Island?

Yes. Two male grizzly bears were initially spotted on Friday (September 16) evening in Sandyville. The bears have been seen several times since then.

Where are the bears?

The bears have primarily been observed in the central portion of the island: the Ecological Park (Gator Gardens), Alert Bay Campground, Atli Street, and Gatu Street.

Why are the bears here?

BC Conservation biologists suggest that the bears have been displaced from their home territory by a dominant male grizzly bear. They are wandering in an attempt to establish territory for themselves.

What is being done about it?

BC Conservation officers have been on-island since Saturday morning to monitor the bears and attempt to trap them. If the bears are trapped then the primary goal will be to relocate them to a place that is safe for grizzly bears. Ideally, the bears will leave the island on their own.

Why haven’t the bears been tranquilized?

Tranquilizer darts have short-range accuracy and may not initially pierce the bears’ hide. It takes two to three minutes for tranquilizers to take effect, during which time the bears may become aggressive. In order to use tranquilizers effectively, the bears must be far away from people in an environment where BC Conservation officers can maintain reasonable control of the situation.

Will the bears be killed?

The goal of BC Conservation, RCMP, ‘Namgis First Nation, and the Corporation of the Village of Alert Bay is to see the bears safely relocated.

What can the public do to help?

Do not seek out or attempt to interact with the bears. Pick all fruit that might be growing on trees in your yard and remove

other attractants (garbage, fishing gear, etc.) from the outside of your home. If you are walking or working outside your home, make lots of noise so that the bears stay away. Students should not travel to and from school alone. Do not use the walking trails until the bears have left the island.


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The bears are still on Cormorant Island. BC Conservation Officers are attempting to direct the bears towards two live-traps that have been set at the Alert Bay Campgrounds.

The elementary schools are keeping students inside at lunch and recess. Parents have been advised not to let their children walk to and from school.

Do not attempt to seek out or interfere with the bears.

Two Grizzly Bears are on Cormorant Island

Two grizzly bears have been spotted on Cormorant Island.

The initial siting was at Sandyville, on the southeast end, at approximately 1730 on 16-Sep-2016. The bears were observed moving northwest towards Grassy Point. A dog walker spotted the bears on a Village trail later in the evening.

BC Conservation will arrive on Saturday morning.

DO NOT APPROACH THE BEARS. We need to give them space.

Please stay off the trails and keep animals inside.

If you see the bears, please phone BC Conservation at 1-877-952-7277. Keep your distance. Give the bears space until they move on or until BC Conservation arrives on-site.


The Corporation of the Village of Alert Bay (the Village) operates the water supply system that provides drinking water to Village residents, businesses, and visitors. Water quality in the system is monitored for bacteriological quality on a monthly basis by way of water samples obtained throughout the community, and results are reviewed by the Village and Island Health.

For decades, water quality has been acceptable; however, in June 2016 total coliform bacteria were detected in low numbers. The Village took action to correct this situation; however, samples continued to show the presence of these bacteria. In response, Island Health directed the Village to perform a disinfection of the water supply with chlorine, ensuring that the chlorine levels remained below the maximum threshold allowable for human consumption. Two subsequent rounds of monitoring indicated that the treatment was successful. Unfortunately, total coliforms have since been detected in unacceptable amounts and another disinfection is necessary. This recurrence of total coliform bacteria is not unusual as it can sometime take two or three disinfections to entirely clear them from a water supply system.

While the water is currently safe to drink, total coliforms should not be present in drinking water and need to be removed in order to prevent other bacteria from entering the water supply system that may cause a risk to human health.  As such, Island Health has directed the Village to perform another disinfection of the water system using chlorine at a low concentration that is safe to consume.

The Village will chlorinate the water supply on Friday August 26th, 2016. Water system users may notice the smell or taste of chlorine – this is normal, and the water is safe to consume. To assist in this process, the Village asks that residents draw water through their households during this time to help the chlorine come into contact with all parts of the distribution system. Turbidity (hazy water) may occur and is normal during this process.

We provide the following cautions:

• Chlorine kills fish. Residents with aquariums and fish ponds should not use chlorinated water to replenish tanks or    ponds.
• Chlorine destroys reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. Users of RO membranes should not introduce chlorinated    water to RO systems.
• Chlorine renders hemodialysis ineffective. Kidney dialysis patients should not use chlorinated water in dialysis     machines.

Thank you,

The Corporation of the Village of Alert Bay

Phone:  250-974-5213
Address: 15 Maple Road
                  Alert Bay, BC
                   V0N 1A0

The Village’s water sample history is available here: