Registering to Vote

If you were listed on the Provincial Voters List, you should not have to register again.

The Village of Alert Bay uses the Provincial Voters List prepared by Elections BC, to which it adds registered Non-Resident Property Electors. If you registered provincially after mid-July 2018, you will not be on the Village’s List of Electors, as the Village has already received the Provincial Voters List. Therefore, you may call Lyn at the Village Office (250.974.5213) to confirm if you are on the Village of Alert Bay List of Electors. If you are not on the Village’s List of Electors, you may still register until Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at the Office, or when you vote at Advance Voting or on General Voting Day.

To register, you must bring at least two documents that prove who you are (BC Driver’s Licence, BC ID, Care Card, SIN card, Citizenship Card, bank credit or debit card) and where you live (telephone, hydro, or gas bill, property tax document); one of these documents must contain your signature. The acceptable classes of documents that election officials may accept as evidence to identify electors are established by the Province in Local Government Elections Regulation 380/93, Section 3 Click here to view these regulations.

Non-Resident Property Electors must prove who they are and where they live and bring evidence of ownership (recent Land Title Certificate), address and legal description of the property in relation to which they are registering to vote. Non-Resident Property Electors must also demonstrate to the Election Official that they have the written Consent form signed by a majority of owners to vote as the designated non-resident property elector. Contact the CEO at 250-802-9462 for the documents.